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Got a free Traeger today.


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My next door neighbor is a smokin nut and uses his quite frequentl. But, sadly he didn’t clean his Big Tex frequently and had a grease fire which got so hot while he wasn’t home (lucky it didn’t reach up and catch his soffit on fire) that it torched the bronze paint on the lid. He said when he got home the meats where cold and he could see it had caught fire. After that it would not power on anymore. So, he bought another new one and offered this one to me for free.
I’m pretty sure the heat effected the circuit board (although no wires, paint etc where damaged on left hopper side nor was board melted etc).
So, I am wondering I see I can get a off label board that looks identical to Traegers for less then 1/2 the cost. Anyone ever used an aftermarket control board?

Anyhow, I have it all apart and cleaned up and as soon as it isn’t raining I am going to repaint the grill.
Problem is I need a bigger patio pad to sit this next to my big Weber Genesis. 🤪


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Well, as it turned out today I got very lucky.
I had noticed my neighbor had cut the black lead going to power switch on control panel and the black coming out of fuse holder tube.
I asked why and he said he was trying to bypass fuse (Fuse had blown and was already gone when I got grill)
After resoldering wires and checking continuity I realized there would have been been zero chance of bypassing fuse. That circuit needed to be complete to work.
A quick trip to Menards to get the 3-5 amp 250v fuse and walla the Traeger works perfectly fine.
The neighbor came over that gave it to me and was so shocked it was fixed and working perfectly. Who knows maybe he just wanted a reason to by a new Traeger but, he was happy for me and welcomed me to a type of grilling/smoking he assured me I won’t stray from once I try.
So, all I need to do is sand and repaint lid cover, get a new chimney gasket and I will be smoking. 👍
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