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    Smoked baked beans

    What kind of wood do you prefer for smoke for these?
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    Brunswick Stew

    After making smoked pulled pork, I often like to make a batch of this after we have had some pulled pork sandwiches. Made a batch this stew this afternoon from the left over pork butt smoked on Saturday. Brunswick Stew 2 tbsp butter Small onion chopped about 1/2 to 2/3 cup 2 to 3 cloves garlic...
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    Tried a new technique

    Can't take credit for the technique, but tried it and the results were so delicious that I am definitely going to do this again. Smoked a marinated bone in, skin on turkey breast. Used apple wood, 225 degrees F until internal meat temperature was 150 degrees. Opened up the airways and got the...
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    A good recipe needed for chicken wings. I know when I'm in Springfield, MO I always stop at one place that has Ranch flavored wings..

    This past week had some tasty smoked wings from a place near the beach we visited. The place smoked pork butts and wings each day and closed when they sold out the day's batch. He had the day's smoked wings in the refrigerator. To serve them he put them in the deep fryer for about 1 to 1.5...
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    A good recipe needed for chicken wings. I know when I'm in Springfield, MO I always stop at one place that has Ranch flavored wings..

    I looked at the Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub recipe: https://www.bbqrubs.com/Killer-Hogs-Dry-Rub-Recipe/ I had to laugh a little reading the rub recipe since it adds Jamaica jerk seasoning that has a lot of the same ingredients as in the rest of the rub recipe. Would be easy to just add the other...
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    A good recipe needed for chicken wings. I know when I'm in Springfield, MO I always stop at one place that has Ranch flavored wings..

    I've tried to smoke wings twice and did not like the results I got. Both times I tried variations of recipies with baking powder or corn starch as a final coating that was supposed to yield crisp skin on the wings and they were not good at all. Eldest daughter makes wings frequently that are...
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    How do you smoke a whole turkey

    Glad to hear that. First turkey I smoked was nearly thirty years ago. I used pecan wood for the smoke and the pecan flavor overwhelmed the turkey. I have only used pecan sparingly since and only in combination with other woods. For about 8 years now we ... well actually I, have been smoking...
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    How do you smoke a whole turkey

    Sorry I missed this post. I use mostly apple to smoke a turkey, run the smoker temperature about 275 degrees Fahrenheit and smoke until the breast hits 165 and hopefully the thigh is over 155. You need a good thermometer. Remote thermometers with at least two probes are good to have.
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    This year's smoked turkey

    It is resting in the pan. Thigh reached 160 Fahrenheit while breast was at 165. Apple with a little cherry added for the smoke wood. Happy thanksgiving all!
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    One grill idea

    My wife ran across this one and sent me the picture. Not sure I'll try it, but looks like something that could be fun to present to a group of people.
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    Opinion on Gas Grills

    I've got my Big Green Egg on a cart that rolls out of the garage to the driveway. For a small load of charcoal for a quick dinner grilling, it takes about 15 minutes to fire up and get up to temperature. When I'm done grilling, I can close off the air and put the lid down and roll it back in...
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    New to this forum!

    Doing good, thanks! Good to see a new member. Have any specialties you like to make?
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    Tangy BBQ sauce

    Wife and I had this one with burnt ends from the brisket we did this week. About a table spoon on a large sandwich. For the brisket on a plate, we did really like the Granny's. If you don't like Carolina style, you probably won't like this recipe. If I make it again, I think I will try orange...
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    BBQ sauce

    Granny's BBQ sauce arrived. It is good. Consistency is where I like it, not as thick as most sauces. Just a touch on the sweet side, just a touch of heat and just a touch of tangy. I see it has orange marmalade in the ingredients but I am not sensing orange in the taste. When the 18 oz bottle I...
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    BBQ sauce

    Previous post should read "I put it in the recipe section." When wife got home she tried the new one and said "This one is tastier". I think it could also be made with orange juice instead of the apple cider.
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    Tangy BBQ sauce

    This one is vinegar based and has some vinegar tang to it as well as some fruit overtones: Tangy BBQ sauce: 1/3 cup grated onion 1/3 cup grated celery 2 cloves garlic grated of through a garlic press 1 tbsp butter Cook onion, celery and garlic in the butter until translucent / soft 1 cup...
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    BBQ sauce

    Today's batch of BBQ sauce is one I like better than last one. I out it in the recipe section.
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    BBQ sauce

    Did a major fridge and shelf clean up and found plenty of way past best use dates. Now with some room, I ordered some granny's to try it. I also made up a batch of sauce from scrath to try with some burnt ends ... wife likes it but I think it is a little too vinegar strong. I need to get some...
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    BBQ sauce

    Even though I don't have musch storage space right now, I will have to work on some sauce for burnt ends. Wife went on a road trip with her mother and our eldest daughter. She came home with a nice looking 14 pound brisket. I looked at the Whitner's short video several times and it looks like...
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    BBQ sauce

    As a follow up ... had some pork country ribs today. Put some of the Shoups on them. Wife thought she got a hint of fruit in the taste then after a couple bites was thinking it had a bit of a kick to it (hot pepper spicy). She put some more on her second rib so it must not have been too spicy...